Carpet Care & Cleaning Instructions

With minimal care, a good quality, hand-knotted rug should last for generations.  Daily residential foot traffic will do no harm to the rugs.  Rugs are constructed for regular and comfortable family and social use.  


  • Periodically (once every few years) rotate rug for even ware.

  • Rug pad use is required for all area rugs, in all applications. The rug pad is the foundation for your carpet, responsible for enhancing both comfort and durabilityThe rug pad is meant to serve as a barrier between the rug and the floor, reducing friction and wear on the rug, as a result of foot traffic.  Secondly, the rug pad grips the rug, allowing the rug to lay flat, drape down on the edges, and optimize its visual appearance.  The third purpose of a rug pad is to prevent the rug from slipping and bubbling when walked on, to ensure safety.  Quality and construction of rug pads are surprisingly very relevant.  

  • Protectors on the feet of any tables or chairs that will be resting on top of the rug will lessen the appearance of indentations and wear.

  • Watermarking is an expected occurrence, caused by a slight directional change in the pile, forcing light to reflect differently on the surface.

  • Subtle color fading is a normal occurrence.

  • Initial and subtle fuzzing is a normal occurrence.  It is the result of loose fibers created during the weaving process. Fuzzing will subside with regular vacuum use.

  • Regular vacuuming is a primary consideration in carpet care. Vacuuming twice a week in a residence or

  • medium traffic corporate applications is necessary. Suction-type vacuuming will minimize fuzzing and sprouting.

  • Immediate attention to spills and spots will yield the best results. Using a clean and absorbent white cloth, blot clean spills in the direction of the pile. Rug fibers may be spot cleaned using neutral detergents, such as gentle and diluted clear liquid soap foam, seltzer water, or baby wipes. 

  • In-home and upholstery cleaning services are not suitable for rug cleaning, despite contrary claims. Professionally clean rugs, only when needed.

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